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Effie’s Oat Cakes

These lightly sweet, classic tea biscuits are unlike any you?ve tasted. A fourth generation family recipe, our original Oatcakes are crisp and buttery with layers of toasted oats and a hint of salt. Enjoy Oatcakes on their own or pair them with your favorite jam, nut butter, or virtually any cheese?from blue to brie.


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The Effie’s Story

Behold the Biscuit! – The first bite of an Effie?s biscuit is a moment of pure delight. Lightly sweet with a bright finish of salt, they?re more refined than a cookie, more dynamic than a cracker. Savor on their own or as a perfect companion for tea and coffee.

But don?t let your imagination stop there?they can also transform your favorite preserves and cheeses into deliciously layered pairings. At Effie?s, our aim is always to make the best, most satisfying biscuit possible. That means keeping it real in our recipes: real butter, real sugar, real spices, wholesome grains, and never, ever any additives. It also means using some of the same techniques pastry bakers use to ensure our biscuits are light, crisp and flakey with a delicate crumb.

We?re small batch bakers for a reason: it?s the only way we can achieve the rich taste and texture our fans (and we) love.

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